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Helicopter Hog Hunting

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Texas Helicopter Hog hunting

Do NOT miss the chance to experience killing hogs from the helicopter in Texas. The year tends to get booked up quickly, we urge you to not wait until the last minute to book. Texas Helicopter Hog hunts are only getting more and more popular.

A ONCE in a Lifetime Hunt

Something to Do in Texas

We understand that this hunt is on the bucket list for most hunters. Whether you are just looking for something to get the blood pumping in your veins or truly experience the BEST WAY TO HUNT HOGS. Choosing our helicopter hog hunting will leave you short of anything as unsatisfied.

The pilots will do their best to keep you on hogs and giving you great shooting opportunities to take down as many as you can in the time you are up in the air.

This hog hunting is a great opportunity for those that want to experience this with a group of guys, your family, bachelor party, something to do when you are in the area, or if you just like killing hogs.

Helicopter Hog Hunting Texas


Expect a top notch Helicopter Hog Hunt from our guide service in Texas. We take pride in two things. Customer satisfaction and safety. We want you to have the best time possible while you are up in the air. We will do everything to make sure that your helicopter hog hunt is a true Texas experience leaving you wanting more.

Helicopter Hog Hunts

Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting



Experience BLOOD RUSHING hunting from the skies of Texas. A once in a lifetime opportunity to take down hogs from the chopper!

-100% Success Rate

-1,000's of Customers Flown

-Blood Rushing Adrenaline

-Bring Your OWN GUN.

(Must Have Shell Catcher)

-Guns & Ammo Provided if Needed

-Waiver Must Be Signed to Board Heli

-Kids under 18 Years of Age Welcome. Must Have Completed Hunter Safety

-Deposit Must be Paid to Reserve Date

-If Interested in Shooting Bobcats or Coyotes. Must Purchase Texas Hunting License Below:

(Both Seats Must Be Filled In Heli)

Heli Hog Hunt

Per 1 Shooter. Minimum 2 Shooters


  • Helicopter Safety Course

  • All you Can Kill Hogs

  • Fly As Much as You Want

  • 50% Deposit Required

  • Must have 2 Shooters in Heli

  • Guns & Ammo Provided

  • Bring Your Own Gun

    (Must have shell catcher)

  • Can Accommodate Large Groups

  • 18 & under. Must have Hunter Safety

  • Lodging NOT Included


3% Credit Card Transaction Fee

Heli must have 2 persons on board.

Looking for Lodging?

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The American Way

Shooting hogs while flying around in the helicopters while in Texas does not get much more American. Take the AR15s up in the sky and help Texas get control of this out of control hog population. Even better yet, you will have a blast up in the sky. Pigs. Guns. Helicopters. We mean, you are just in for a great time. Come down to Texas and experience hog hunting at its finest!

Taken Em Down the Only way We know... From the Helo

Thermal Hog Hunting

Take Em Out in the Dark.

No License is required to hunt hogs on private property. For out of state residents & international guest. Help us take control of the hogs in Texas!

-Groups up to 4 Hunters

-Dozens & Dozens of Hogs

-Guns & Ammo Provided

-AR15s & Semi Autos

-All Thermal Optics Provided

-Spot & Stalk

-Blood Rushing Adrenaline

-If Interested in Shooting Bobcats or Coyotes. Must Purchase Texas Hunting License Below:

Thermal Hog Hunt

Per 1 Shooter. Minimum 2 Shooters


  • 4 Hour Night Hunt

  • All you Can Kill Hogs

  • Thermal Optics Provided

  • 50% Deposit Required

  • Bring Your Own Gun

  • Guns & Ammo Provided

  • Can Accommodate Groups pf 4

  • All Equipment Provided

  • Lodging NOT Included

  • Must Sign Waiver Before Hunting


Minimum Group of 3 for 1 Night

Our Valued Customers

This sh*t is NO JOKE.

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